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Empower your customers to self-serve

IVR solutions that guide your customers to success

Today’s customers prefer the fastest path to get what they need

Use IVR solutions to guide your customers and free up expensive agent resources.

Automate simple, repetitive tasks for always-on service.

Empower you customers to process routine transactions via speech recognition, touch-tone or just a few clicks in the app.

IVR will enable your customers to self-serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IVR Solutions – increase revenues by enabling customers to self-serve 24/7

Gauge the quality of your IVR experience

Collect important information in real-time with powerful monitoring and analytical tools. Use a range of reports detailing call traffic patterns, often and infrequently used call paths, abandon rates and other metrics. IVR applications are monitored around the clock for reliability issues so problems can be addressed before they affect service levels.

Reflect Your Brand Voice

Boost how your customers perceive your service by using the optimal professional voice. Use our specialised media voice services to capture your brands fully. We can help you craft the words that shape and define brand persona. Help cast and record the voice that best represents your business.

Focus your contact centre on higher value human to human interactions

Automating simple, repetitive calls and interactions with IVR will free up your contact centre to handle more complex enquiries. This empowers agents to focus on more valuable or higher emotional conversations, making their job much more interesting and rewarding.

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