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Consolidate Customer Information from the Contact Center to All Departments of Your Company

Improve Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency

One single desktop application for all interactions, regardless of media type enables a single, unified view of each customer

Merges all comments entered by the Agent on Altitude side into Salesforce automatically.

Agents handle multimedia interactions through a simple toolbar.Agents choose from a list of not ready reasons, enabling for a better workforce management


Our agents started working with Altitude Connector for Salesforce seamlessly, without even perceiving that they were using it. The seamless integration with the Salesforce application that they were used to work with, allowed them to start working immediately, with no need for training.

Customer Relationship Manager, European Outsourcer

Integrate CRM/ Contact center

Use the CRM application as the interface to the contact center. Consolidate all info through one single interface.

Deliver a Superior Customer Service

Information gathered during the interaction is available to all company immediately, allowing a 360º view of customers in all departments.

Reduce Costs

Reduce integration and deployment time. Short training time due to agents working on a familiar interface increases productivity

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