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7 Steps to Reduce Call Abandon Rates

How to reduce or manage contact centre abandonment

Why are Call Abandon Rates Important?

Delivering a successful Customer Experience is becoming more and more of a challenge for businesses. Not only are customer expectations increasing but their tolerance for perceived poor service is shrinking. On top of that, pressures on resources and budget mean businesses are trying to do more with less.

Reducing contact centre abandonment is key to maintaining customer experience. It is also very important to consider how to reduce abandonment. Customers often abandon due to long wait times, but there are other factors that lead to abandonment.

Your customer interaction abandon rate is not just a strong indicator who is unhappy with your service. It is also something you can address.  Even better, it may even be easier than you realise.

This guide looks at seven steps to reduce call centre abandonment and how to ramp up your service effectively.

What is your Interaction Abandon Rate ?
Guide: 7 Steps to Reduce Call Abandon Rates
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Traditionally known as “Call Abandon Rate” this measurement is the number of live interactions that terminate before being answered, expressed as a percentage of your total calls. “Live interactions” include phone calls and web chat, where the customer is still ‘on the other end’, or waiting in real time.

This guide contains tips on how you can improve the wait experience and many other fixes.

Download your copy today to learn how to reduce your customer interaction abandon rate in seven steps:

      1.  Understanding the data and testing the experience
      2.  Building a picture of your customer and their preferences
      3.  Deflecting customer interactions away from your live staff
      4.  Offering call-backs to manage your queues
      5.  Preparing for peak times
      6.  Setting wait time expectations
      7.  Reducing AHT and improving FCR rates

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